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How Cold and Hard are the Facts about Polar Sea Ice Melting?

27 September, 2014


Ocean Conservation

It seems like a paradox: polar sea ice cover is both shrinking and growing. The eight lowest ice covers on record have now occurred in the past eight years. Yet the extent of sea ice has hit a record high, causing some to say that we “have more

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Refugees from Rising Seas

04 September, 2014


Ocean Conservation

Imagine living in a country that could be wiped off the face of the earth within the next few decades. That’s the bleak predictions many of the small island nations of the world are up against with climate change threatening their physical, econ

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Welcome to our blog dedicated to the ocean!

11 June, 2014


Ocean Conservation

Balance and health in our bodies is one of the goals we at Xtend-Life Natural Products strive to help people achieve, yet that balance depends on a delicate balance on our planet. Life on earth and the air, food and water we consume are made possi