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Mysteries of the Ocean

The world’s oceans contain many great mysteries within their depths. Diving deep down to the ocean floor you never know what cryptic creatures you may meet or what ocean intrigues you may find. For centuries oceans around the world have held man


The Swedish Recycling Revolution: Energy from Waste

29 April, 2015



Less than one per cent of Sweden’s household waste ends up in a rubbish dump. The rest is recycled in different ways. In that, Sweden is one of the world leaders.

Wouldn’t it be great if no household waste was wasted

ocean conservation blog

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the ocean!

11 June, 2014


Ocean Conservation

Balance and health in our bodies is one of the goals we at Xtend-Life Natural Products strive to help people achieve, yet that balance depends on a delicate balance on our planet. Life on earth and the air, food and water we consume are made possi