About Us


About Us

Xtend-Life Natural Products

Xtend-Life is a family-owned business with the mission to provide a foundation for strong health, better appearance and enhanced potential for satisfaction and enjoyment of life. We use science to get the best of nature with the highest quality, efficacy, sophistication and value for the money on dietary supplements and skincare products, all backed with industry-leading knowledge and customer service.

We adopt a high level of scrutiny for each one of our raw ingredients in terms of both efficacy and environmentally sustainable sourcing, including our premium fish oil products.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we are keenly concerned with the health of our home near the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the global ocean of which it is a part. Our company shares not only a commercial interest in, but more importantly, individual passion for protecting our oceans, its fisheries and the rich biodiversity and important role that it plays in sustaining life on Earth.

Our goal with XtendOceanLife.org and its blog is to be a helpful resource of information and inspiration for anyone who seeks to better understand the issues and latest insight into conserving and extending ocean life.

Find out more at www.xtend-life.com

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